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Students' life

Student Assosiations

Trade-Union committee (into Ukrainian)

Council of the Students and Post-graduate students

Very significant part of student's life depends on own forces of students, their interests, aspirations and desire to communicate and to realize themself.

Such students were united in Council of the Students and Post-graduate students of our faculty.

The sphere of Council of the Students and Post-graduate students activity is everything, as to student's life:


Organization of holidays, competitions, evenings

Organization and realization of scientifically popular lectures

Student's life in a hostel etc.

HTCA (Scientific assosiation of Students and Post-graduate students)

The main goal of activity of this organisation is the cooperarion of scientific, research and creative students' activities.

For approaching this goal HTCA:

organises student work in different scientific areas;

prepares and presents proposals concerning the improvement of students' scientific and creative activities;

organises annual scientific confereences of students and alumni;

provides competition programs for gaining grants in scientific researches;

cooperates publishing of student scientific researches;

hepls to the cooperation with other Universities; etc.