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The scientific activity of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics is widely known in Ukraine as well as abroad. Here the world famous scientific schools on algebra, differential equations, probability theory, mechanics are functioning. Practically each department of the faculty has its own seminar, where the results obtained by the scientists of Kyiv University, as well as many other educational and scientific institutions are reported. There are organized three specialized Scientific Councils at the faculty, two of which are assigned for the defense of doctoral theses.

The achievements of the faculty scientists were marked with high awards, including the State Prizes of Ukraine in the Field of a Science and Technology (A.M.Samoilenko (1985), D.I.Martynyuk (1985), B.I.Moseenkov (1985), A.F.Ulitko (1987), M.O.Perestyuk (1998), MJ.Yadrenko (2003), Yu.V.Kozachenko (2003)), M.M.Krylov Prize (M.O.Perestyuk (1998)), University Taras Shevchenko Prize (A.S.Olijnyk (1997), M.P.Moklyachuk (1999), V.V.Nekrashevych (2000), O.V.Kapustyan (2001)), Prizes of NAS of Ukraine for Young Scientists (Ya.Klymyk (1999), O.Stus' (2000), O.Kapustyan (2001)). Deputy members of NAS of Ukraine M.O.Perestyuk and M.J.Yadrenko were awarded by honourary title "The Honoured Science and Technology Worker of Ukraine". In addition, M.J.Yadrenko was awarded with "The Order for Merits" of III degree, and deputy member of NAS of Ukraine A.F.Ulitko and professor B.M.Kiforenko were awarded by Honourable Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The scientists of the faculty keep close contacts with their colleagues from many countries of the world. Such contacts are developing in various directions: joint scientific projects and grants (for last five years their number has exceeded twenty), business trips of leading teachers to foreign educational institutions for delivering lectures and carrying out joint scientific research, organization of international conferences and seminars. The geography of international cooperation embraces such countries, as USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Holland, Finland, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, China, Israel etc.