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The Department of Mathematical Physics

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The department provides teaching of the courses of complex analysis, of equations of mathematical physics, of differential equations with partial derivatives, of computer science and programming, of numerical methods.
The scientific research is carried out on such basic directions: the theory of differential equations with partial derivatives, asymptotic theory of singularly perturbed differential equations, approximate methods of solving boundary value problems, modern information technologies.
Permanent faculty
V.Samojlenko - Head of the department ,Full Professor, Dr.Hab.
T.Mel'nyk - Full Professor, Dr.Hab;
V.Borodin - Associated Professor, Ph.D.
B.Dovgyj - Associated Professor, Ph.D.
A.Krenevych - Associated Professor, Ph.D.
A.Lovejkin - Associated Professor, Ph.D.
A.Obvintsev - Associated Professor, Ph.D.
E.Vakal - Associated Professor, Ph.D.
G.Veriovkina - Associated Professor, Ph.D.
I.Gapiak - Assistant Professor.
A.Popov - Assistant Professor.
D.Sadovyj - Assistant Professor.