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The Department of Geometry, Topology and Dynamical Systems


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The Chair provides teaching of the following courses: Analytical Geometry (bachelor 1st year), Differential Geometry and Topology (bachelor 2nd year), Differential Geometry and Tensor Analysis (bachelor 2nd year), Introduction to Topology of Manifolds (bachelor 3rd year), Algorithmic and Computer Methods in Topology (bachelor 3rd year), Geometry of Dynamical Systems (bachelor 4th year), Foundations of Modern Geometry (bachelor 4th year), Modern Topology (master 1st year), Symplectic Geometry and Hamiltonian Systems (master 2nd year), etc.

The Chair staff studies topical problems of nonlinear dynamical systems on manifolds, topology of smooth functions, low-dimensional topology, theory of differential-operator and difference-operator equations and their stochastic counterparts, theory of rings and modules, representation theory, homological algebra, etc.

Permanent faculty staff
Igor O. Parasyuk – Head of the Chair, Full Professor, Dr. Hab. [nonlinear systems on manifolds, KAM-theory, invariant manifolds of dynamical systems, dynamical bifurcations, singular bvp for ode]

Oleksandr O. Prishlyak – Full Professor, Dr. Hab. [topology of smooth functions and dynamical systems on low-dimensional manifolds]

Viktor M. Zhuravlev – Associate Professor, Ph. D. [theory of rings and modules, theory of tiled orders]

Vyacheslav Babych – Associate Professor, Ph. D. [general topology, representation theory and homological algebra]

Svitlana Bilun – Assistant Professor, Ph. D. [theory of associative algebras, theory of Lie algebras, Morse theory]

Iryna Tsyganivska – Assistant Professor, Ph. D. [graph theory, rings theory]

Svitlana I. Khomenko – Engineer.

Natalia Gritsenko – Scientific group Engineer.

Invitee faculty staff
Mykhailo Horodnii – Dean of Mechanics and Mathematics Department, Full Professor, Dr. Hab. [theory of differential-operator and difference-operator equations and their stochastic counterparts]

Sergiy Maksymenko – Head of Topology Laboratory of Algebra and Topology Chair, Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, leading researcher, Dr. Hab. [low-dimensional, differential, and algebraic homotopy theory, dynamical systems and singularities theory]