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The Department of General Mathematics


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The department provides teaching of various mathematical courses on the following faculties and institutes of the University:
• The Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
• The Faculty of Geography
• The Faculty of Geology
• The Faculty of Psychology
• The Institute of Biology
• Institute of International Relations
• Military Academy
The department staff study problems of the theory of stochastic processes, the theory of differential equations, mathematical physics, mechanics of continua and some other scientific areas.

Permanent faculty
Olexandr M. STANZHYTSKYI - Head of the department, Full Professor, Dr. Hab.
Grygoriy L. KULINICH - Full Professor, Dr. Hab.
Zoya O. VYZHVA - Full Professor, Dr. Hab.
Volodymyr Ya. DANILOV - Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Maryna V. GRYSENKO - Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Volodymyr V. PLAKHOTNYK - Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Olexandr V. ILCHENKO - Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Yuriy B. MOSEENKOV - Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Oleg V. PEREGUDA - Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Svitlana V. KUSHNIRENKO - Associate Professor, Ph. D.
Andriy V. YERSHOV - Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Anton Yu. RYZHOV - Assistant Professor, Ph. D.
Tetiana V. SHOVKOPLIAS - Assistant Professor, Ph. D.

Invitee faculty
Andriy A. DOROGOVTSEV - Head of the department of the theory of stochastic processes, Institute of Mathematics National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Full Professor, Dr. Hab.