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The Department of Continua Mechanics

Web-page of the Department of Continua Mechanics
The department provides teaching of the courses of fundamentals of continuum media mechanics, of elasticity theory, of theory of plates and shells, of informatics and computer programming, of problems of strength of materials, of pedagogics and methods of tutoring of mathematics and mechanics, of vital activity safety, of boundary problem of continuum media mechanics, of labour protection in industry.
The department staff study topical problems of nonlinear problems of free-surface fluid dynamics, optimization of space flights, thermoelasticity, magnetoelasticity, theory of a polarization-optical method, mechanics of interaction of elastic bodies, mathematical models of blood current in capillaries.
Permanent faculty
Oleg S. Limarchenko - Head of the department , Full Professor, Dr.Hab.
Vitaliy A. Kalion- Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Olexiy G. Kutsenko - Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Olexiy M. Kharytonov - Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Mykola V. Lavrenyuk - Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Irina Yu. Semenova - Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Scientific group
Loos I.I. - Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
Vasilyev I.Yu. - Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
Lendel V.V. - Leading engineer, mathematician
Abramov O.A. - Engineer-mathematician І category